Solutions Volume 4

A huge thank you to all the presenters, event partners, volunteers, and audience for making Solutions Twin Cities Volume 4 such a memorable evening!

If you missed the event, want to share it with a friend, of just want to see it again, Solutions Twin Cities Volume 4 is now available to watch online, in its entirety, here. Individual presentation videos will be coming soon, so check back to see if they're up, or sign up for our mailing list to be informed when they go live.

STCV4 featured presentations by:

Daniel Klein Daniel Klein - Founder / Host, The Perennial Plate

The Perennial Plate is an online video documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating. Through the culinary, agricultural and hunting explorations of its charismatic host, Daniel Klein, The Perennial Plate helps viewers understand and appreciate where good food comes from and how to enjoy it.
Laura Zabel Laura Zabel - Executive Director, Springboard for the Arts

Springboard for the Arts is an economic development organization for independent artists located in Saint Paul’s Lowertown Neighborhood. Springboard cultivates thriving communities by connecting artists with the skills, information and services they need to make a living and a life. Director Laura Zabel is at the forefront of efforts to connect artists and communities in Minnesota and beyond.
Amoke Kubat Amoke Kubat - Founder, Yo Mama! The Mothering Mothers Institute

Amoke Kubat is an early childhood and K-12 educator, artist, writer and organizer living and working in North Minneapolis. Through creative and community partnerships Amoke brings African/African American culture to women using art, storytelling and education. Her latest effort, the Yo Mama Institute, aims to support the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of mothers so that they can teach and raise healthy children.
KAYSC Joseph Adamji & Students - Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center

The Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center is a youth development organization based out of the Science Museum of Minnesota. KAYSC empowers young people to change their world through science. Joseph Adamji and his students will share their recent efforts to understand, experience, and inspire a movement toward a just and sustainable economy, including a professional music video they created to spark dialog about environmental change with their peers and neighbors.
Mirelle Zacharis Mirelle Zacharis - Producer and Co-Curator of No Assumption

No Assumption was a collaborative art exhibition that took place inside a foreclosed home in Northeast Minneapolis, responding creatively and collectively to the emotional and political contexts of the economic recession, the housing crisis, and personal loss. The exhibition featured the work of 28 artists from the Twin Cities and elsewhere, and was open to the public throughout October 2010, the final month before the home was foreclosed.

Matt Olson Matt Olson - Co-founder, ROLU

ROLU is an independent design and art studio that focuses on landscape work, furniture design, relational architectural projects, urban planning and innovative collaborative public art. Matt and his collaborators believe that building green is always the best option, and that great design should be affordable and accessible to everyone who wants it.
Virajita Singh Virajita Singh - Sr. Research Fellow, Center for Sustainable Building Research

Virajita Singh an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture, College of Design. Virajita is working to raise funds for communities that need sustainable design services, and is developing new ways to deepen the integration of social, economic and environmental sustainability to transform communities.
Hamilton Bell Hamilton Bell - Project Director, Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood

Encompassing a 250-block area in the Summit-University and Frogtown neighborhoods, the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood is a community-wide effort to ensure that all children succeed in school and life through seamless coordination of cradle-to-career educational, family, and community resources and supports.
Scotty Reynolds Scotty Reynolds & Nice Schneider - Founder, Mixed Precipitation

Mixed Precipitation is a performance group that presents short-form projects highlighting social engagement, and encouraging the exploration of public and private spaces, as well as collaboration across disciplines. Mixed Precipitation will perform a piece from their annual Picnic Operetta, a community garden tour bringing together classical music, horticulture, and opera.
Kurt McIntire Kurt McIntire - Graduate Research Assistant, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory

Engineers and scientists at the University of Minnesota's St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) are finding cost effective ways to help keep lakes and rivers clean. A new device they've created called the SAFL Baffle helps to keep pollutants from reaching water bodies at a low cost.
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Kindred Kitchen Austin Aho and Terese Hill, Kindred Kitchen

Kindred Kitchen is a food business incubator located in the heart of north Minneapolis, where they offer affordable commercial kitchen space and technical business services to new and well-established food entrepreneurs. Kindred Kitchen's profit-driven business model has a social mission which is projected to be fully sustainable in a competitive market, while providing scholarships, mentoring and consulting to individuals who live, work, or worship in north Minneapolis.

Presentation Format

Each presenter is allowed: 20 images x 20 seconds (each) = 6 minutes, 40 seconds

This short format keeps presentations concise, generates high levels of interest, & gives many people a chance to present at each event. While the event is local, the conversation will be global; Solutions will broadcast the event through the web in easily digestible idea packages.

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